Sonerion means ‘traditional musicians’ in the Vannetais dialect of the Breton language, and refers to performers who typically animate the popular Breton Fest Noz community dances. Fest Noz is a Breton term that means ‘night party’. Fest Noz were originally closely linked to seasonal agricultural activities but now occur at any time of the year.

We are an American group who play Breton music with a powerful, complex sound like that of professional Fest Noz bands in Brittany today. Whether through heritage, chance, or travel all of us have become immersed in this vibrant and unique musical culture, which was recently added to UNESCO’s prestigious Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We look forward to sharing this music with you at a concert or dance.

In the style in which we play, Fest Noz music might come as a pleasant surprise to those used to other types of traditional dance music. It has a hypnotic, 'trance dance' feel, sophisticated harmonies and considerable punch and drive delivered by powerful woodwinds and a tight rhythm section of accordion and bass. The Breton dances are generally simple and inclusive by nature.

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